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Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
Thanks for everyone's quick replies. I honestly didn't expect to get any replies - I figured this would be for future reference for others.

Given the feedback, I am going to post an update AFTER the 1,200 mile service, as I figure that sounds fair and my review might be premature. The thing is, I can't see anything being much different after 1,200 EXCEPT for getting over the 5,500 RPM barrier. And, as you can see from my impressions, the thing I like the most about the car is the engine, so I'm thinking the shortcomings I listed won't go away after the break-in period. One thing is crystal clear - the engine is very, very special and is just amazing.

To be clear, I'm not telling anyone whether they should or shouldn't buy an E93. The E93 is probably a BETTER choice than the E46 M3 Convertible for MANY people. But so far I don't think it's clear that it's the better choice for someone like me (I'm still not sure either way).

A couple of quick responses to points above:

- I don't think that shifting at 3,500-4,500 RPM is aggressive. But I do think that NEVER shifting below that range is aggressive when I'm constantly driving in 30 zones around town! Trust me - I drive more aggressively than the average person. My last E46 read 13.2 MPG very consistently because I never shifted below 3,500-4,500. On a similar note, M3s aren't designed to be shifted below 3,500-4,500, at least not if you used them as they were intended :-)
- I'm not going to bore anyone with the details but with likely clutch work (according to the yellow light on the dash that came up a couple of times over the past couple of weeks before I sold my car), brakes, and Inspection II, plus further depreciation, getting the new E93 wasn't necessarily a bad financial decision. I am a full-time investor and I have an MBA from a Finance focused school so I ran various scenarios on a spreadsheet before I made the decision. When you take everything into account, keeping the E46 might have had me come out slightly ahead in terms of $$ but the unknown other potential issues that would eventually come up over the next 3 years (ie. roof and who knows what else) made me pull the trigger on selling the car. Plus the thing I want to do is spend on any item on having a car in the shop, etc. The risk just didn't pencil out for me because of the opportunity cost of missing work, etc.
- I did test drive before making the switch and I didn't like the car NEARLY as much during the test drives as I do after owning it for a few days. But I wanted a convertible so my options were limited. I tried a 911, Audi S5, and M3. I honestly thought a Porsche 991 Carrera S Convertible was the best choice for me, as it had more of the traits that I liked about my E46, but I didn't want to take on the additional cost and depreciation and I thought it was the wrong time to buy a used 997 w/PDK, as they haven't depreciated enough yet from the full effect of the new body style. The Audi S5 was too soft for me, which I knew would be the case. I'm hoping to revisit the 991 once my lease is up in 3 years, at which point I will likely be deciding between the new M3 Convertible and a 991

BTW, this thread wasn't meant to cause any wars. I specifically took the time to write all of this to help others who are considering the change, as I figured it would be helpful, especially since I didn't find any long/detailed comparisons when I was doing my research before I bought my E93. It's just one person's opinion that I am hoping will help others... I definitely like my E93 - I just got home from another awesome drive with the room down!
The bolded part really doesn't make sense.

You don't HAVE to shift below those RPM's at all if you don't want to on this car. I don't know what you're trying to say. Of course during break in they recommend you don't rev the engine too high, but once that's over you can let it rip.
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