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Originally Posted by Majdnoon View Post
Both of these cars occupy a special place in my heart, and every time I see either one, I'm in love. I've done a lot of homework on both cars, researched the respective numbers and figures, read up on several reviews, I even test drove an SRT8 Charger too, haven't gotten around to driving an E92 yet though. I'm just torn between them. I understand this is a BMW forum, but what do you guys think would be a better choice? I'm planning on using it as a daily driver, with VERY occasional track use. Not planning on modifying or tuning them much either, as of yet.
Before switching to my M3, I had an 06 Charger SRT8.... It was a beast. Fast in a straight line and lots of room. All I did was an intake, full exhaust, Diablo Predator tune, and a CO2 air/fuel cooling system on the car. I think thats all I ended up liking about it. I hated that the interior was all plastic. Rattled all the time. Mood roof always came loose and I had to tighten it. The car just didn't handle well either.

When I started looking around for the all around package, I knew I wanted the M3. Great handling car, fast, looks good, built strong, and interior is nice.... Doesn't really matter all that much but the M3, gets better gas mileage.

Again, this is all from the 06 model. Don't know much about the new model.... As a former SRT8 owner, I would say M3 any day....
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