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Originally Posted by hugehead
Originally Posted by kris.taylor.1981 View Post
yes but cars with big engines and poor fuel economy will losse more as petrol keeps going u5
don't get me wrong my m3 is a awesome car that i love to bits but i paid £45000 and now its worth £35k at a push
Silly depreciation in just under 2 years
I paid £58K ..probably worth £30ish K(lost over £25k in two and half years) , when buying cars like ours not about depreciation, it about enjoying the car for what it is

otherwise might aswell buy a ford 1.4 fiesta or better still a 50cc moped scooter that does 80mpg
Think these figures are more realistic. Paid mine 43.5k in July 2009 for a face lifted car with 12k miles. Sold it couple of days ago for 28k (might have achieved 29k if I had been more patient but couldn't be bothered).

15k in 2 years excluding consumables. If I had stayed in my 997.1 S I would have probably lost 6k in equivalent period excluding all items (like warranty).

I bring in the 911 because one thing I missed was exclusivity of the car, M3 was pretty much perfect for me and did everything I wanted but it just blended in too much. Despite the fact I found it utterly gorgeous in black an very "mean" it simply goes totally unnoticed.

Focus RS will be even less exclusive, feel a fair bit cheaper inside, telematics outdated compared to the M3. It will look aggressive but many might just think its a pumped up chav Essex roundabout racer ;-)

I know you don't buy car for others but for yourself.. But still.

Plus it's a fwd!! When are you goin to be able to power out of corners???

As for petrol you should calculate the real difference in everyday driving with your mileage. Is the cost that different or we talking about 500/year?

Good luck with your hunt.