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I got an idea here but having a hard time sourcing the part. When I get the DCAN cable from ebay, I received the following adaptor also.

I am thinking we can get these adaptors, change the pin routing inside like female pin1 gets routed to male pin 8, etc. Bascially change the mapping of the pins. Then we can move the pins in the obd port accordingly. This would effectively make the OBD port in the car useless without the corresponding adaptor. Whenever the OBD port is needed, the user can simply just plug in the adaptor and everything will work just fine. Thoughts?

I am still trying to find these adaptors where we can open it up and change the pins myself. It would be nice if we can have vendors or someone that can source these adaptors for us. Or even sell these in pre-wired format where the pins are remapped already and we just modify the OBD port ourselves. Any vendors want to tackle this?
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