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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
I'm running the Gold Master on an iPhone 4S and I couldn't make this work. My car was produced 3/11 with BMW Apps and it definitely has Combox, so I can't figure out what's up. I tried deleting and re-pairing my phone and all I could choose to enable were the Telephone and Audio functions. I went to the Options interface on the far right and made sure Office was checked, but Messages only shows me things I've sent to my car from Google Maps. Clicking Update Office doesn't do anything, and my only filter options are "All", "E-mail" (which seems to be the Google Maps links), and "Service messages". I work in IT so I'm kind of frustrated (not to mention a tad embarrassed) that I can't figure this out; I assumed this function was removed in some beta until I read above that someone's got it at least partially working. Any advice?

I'm just glad we can filter out email. I like the idea of being able to read text messages on iDrive, but I definitely DON'T want to be spending even more of my life staring at my email, LEAST of all when I'm in my car for the enjoyment of the drive.
Couple things,

Did you get the latest Bluetooth update from , enter your VIN and put the firmware bin file on a USB stick and upload the file into your iDrive via the BMW Firmware Update section.

Messages will only work as the email part of the new IOS 6 pushing emails thru to the iDrive has a bug.

Under Settings, Bluetooth in your iPhone, go to the devices connected where it shows your BMW has paired, open that and turn on "Show Notifications".

Then under Settings in your iPhone go to "Notications" then under each heading "Phone" "Messages" "Mail" make sure you have the following turned on:
Notification Centre ON
Alert Style Alerts
Badge App Icon ON
Show Preview ON
View in Locked Screen ON

The messages will only transfer to your idrive when your iPhone goes to sleep and has a blank screen (Locked) hence the View in Locked Screen, without this setting and your iphone has turned itself to Locked will the message be transferred, if you open the iPhone to view the messages they won't transfer to the iDrive, iPhone must turn itself to lock so set your iPhone to lock after 1 Minute in settings.

Emails are the same but that has a bug at the moment.

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