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Originally Posted by adobeee View Post
Thanks! This is great advice. The messaging app is called Wechat or "weixin" in Chinese. It is commonly used by Asians. So if you're into Asians..go for it!
hahahahaha I have weixin/QQ

Haven't used it in a while though.

this is too funny lol

Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
Am I the only one who read she wanted to make plans with him to go to NYC for x-mas? That is not normal first date stuff.....
I was going to comment on that too.......

Originally Posted by Orange fever View Post
If you don't hit it by the 3rd date... You're not a MAN.
personally for me, the girls who I have waited longer than 3 dates to go all the way ... lasted a LOT longer (years vs months).

For me, if the girls gives it up in the first couple dates... then that's all she's worth to me.
If I see a future and like her, I personally like to wait. I don't hold hands or even give a peck until the 2nd or 3rd date

OP: the fact that she stayed over means she likes you...but at the same time... this girl sounds like one that is great for fun dates and once you get closer, to have some great sex (Chinese girls tend to be crazier than other Asians)
But I wouldn't see much of a future... if she's planning a NYC trip... that's scary..........and she sleeps over on a second date..... not good in my book

It's obvious she's into you, so just go with the flow and have fun.

I'm old are you two?