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I installed my QF Pro Mini harnesses today. Thanks to Victor coming over and helping me through it since he had just completed his.

Everything went according to plan until I tried to buckle the harness to the front seat belt receptacles. My buckles had extra cosmetic plastic flanges on either side that kept the buckle from engaging. I had to snip off the plastic on both sides of the metal buckle to get it to go in far enough to engage. Victor didn't have to do this on his so I am not sure why I had to on mine. Just a slightly different design I guess.

As far as fit I echo what Victor reported. I can't get the lap belt exactly tight enough. I run out of adjustment on the left side. There is adjustment remaining on the right side but if I pull that too tight then the entire harness is pulled off center. Also by trying to get the shoulder belts super tight, it pulls the lap belt off my lap and above my navel. So you have to compromise but I sure this will be way better than the standard 3-point belt. Just not as good as a 5 or 6 point harness with a cage, etc. but that is to be expected.

I will report more after my track event next week.

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