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Originally Posted by ERinEC View Post
MSRP was $75K and he's asking $64,900.
He's asking waaaayyyy too much.
Forget about MSRP and concentrate on invoice prices and/or, because it's a used car, ask yourself "how much did this car cost the dealer." Ideally, you negotiate from the standpoint of knowing what the dealer paid for the car (or how much he's into it) then adding some amount for what you both believe to be a reasonable profit.
For starters, a 2011 is almost identical to a 2013. Go to and price a 2013 equiped like yours. Look at the invoice price, add $500 and you'll get what a new one would cost you. To make dollar sense, there has to be a big money difference between the cost of a used car and the cost of an identical new one.
Good luck