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What I found with my E93 M3

Before I start asking questions, please allow me to thank everyone for the inputs and details provided. They were all very helpful and motivated me to find out the details of my car.
The results were as expected, meaning I was able to get the software versions and details but got a strong pushback on the request to update the DME software. The argument they used was coming from the opinion and point of view of a BMW master technician. Even so I had a CEL light with reduced emission warnings popping up in March and I had to take it in twice (the problem reappeared after picking up the car and driving for 25 miles). They just stated that the O2 sensors (first time the pre-cat; second occurrence the post cat) were faulty and they replaced them.
But it is hard for me accept, because I work in the software industry and I know that decisions like these can lead to problems in the future. I have seen and experienced several of them. They just delay the decision and the expenses, best for them would be these problems occur outside the 4 year warranty period.
So now enough of the ranting and allow me to publish my findings.
- The production date is 2009-11-19
- The software integration level is E89X-09-09-516 – which means
- The version is from September 2009
- The version date is after the what seems to be mandatory software update date.

My questions are
- Is there data out there which would point to improvements? Those could be horsepower, torque, idling, cold start behavior, warm up time, increase in MPG, etc…
- If not, what would be the recommended software version, I should use?
Reason: I am considering the go on a dyno and use the current version and then with the newer software version.

Why would I do this – Just to provide more data.

Thanks for reading,