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Originally Posted by Ecampbell View Post
LOL, the car is in Switzerland (the extra 'o' in your name threw me off for a sec).

I actually tried to bring the 599 over two years ago to race in the silver state classic. To make a long story short, I brought the car over as a street car and good ole customs would not release the car without crash test/emmissions etc. The car was going to be trailered so I thought I would bring it in as a race car to which they said, we don't believe you and you are going to drive it on the street. I even had Ferrari involved but without success.

Mods were limited to exhaust, more aggressive tuning (motor/trans) and an updated intake system all of which were done by Ferrari (great to have the correct friends!!).
I'm that guy. Actually it's Surena

Beautiful scenery. Beautiful GTB. Love the color. Interesting mods. From what i know only a few got the "Enzo Treatment" and it seems your car is one of those. I've seen one in action and i can tell you that i'm not going to run your car at all Find someone else