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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
I know you can send your car wherever you want so i don't make excuses about having cars in two different countries (Your 599 is in Switzerland?) I will race under one condition. You should let me win.

Kidding aside what mods do you have in your car? If it's nothing serious (which i highly doubt it's not), the race should be interesting to see. With exhaust my car did high 7's for 60-130mph, but recently it got tuned so it should be faster but i haven't tried it so far and i'm not sure how it performs to be honest.
LOL, the car is in Switzerland (the extra 'o' in your name threw me off for a sec).

I actually tried to bring the 599 over two years ago to race in the silver state classic. To make a long story short, I brought the car over as a street car and good ole customs would not release the car without crash test/emmissions etc. The car was going to be trailered so I thought I would bring it in as a race car to which they said, we don't believe you and you are going to drive it on the street. I even had Ferrari involved but without success.

Mods were limited to exhaust, more aggressive tuning (motor/trans) and an updated intake system all of which were done by Ferrari (great to have the correct friends!!).
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