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Bonnar is actually a durable fighter, just not a contender or top 10 at this point. When you say a fighter has a lot of heart it's basically saying they take a lot of punishment lol.. Not always a good thing. I'm certain silva will KO him, he seems to be able to put anyone away. If he can't KO Bonnar I feel bad for him because silva will keep letting him stand back up and knocking him back down. This is a great opportunity for silva to throw in some new never seem before knock out moves that will be added to his highlight reel and talked about for years to come.

I think JBJ is ok. I knew if I had his talent and was that good it would be hard to stay humble. I don't think I would care what anyone thinks. It's always easier to go for the underdog. I still think JBJ should have taken the fight. Would like to see him be himself more regardless of his arrogance, just don't like Greg Jackson pulling his strings.