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Originally Posted by jimH6 View Post
I loved Lewis but as time passes less and less so. His attitude is ridiculous. Ironically his attitude early on is what was so good! If he had half a brain he's have 3 world championships. A LOT of the DNF's he's had have been so so dumb. If I were Ron Dennis or Martin Whitmarsh I'd sit him down, turn off his mobile and tell him he can either get his head in order and stay or offer to help him pack. McLaren has given him everything he has, he needs to respect that.
You really think McLaren has produced a good car from 09-11 with no operational issue for him to win a WDC? I could think right off my head a bunch of lies they told to the steward after race incidents or how they screwed up refueling during qualify and tried to cover up, and not to mention the pit stop dramas.