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Originally Posted by adc
Had a 335d for a day while my M was in the shop. It's a nice car, pulls well in the daily grind traffic, quite similar in casual acceleration scenarios to the 335i I had before the M.

But if you step outside the casual gas pedal twiddling and stomp on it, it is most definitely absolutely slower than a 335i, let alone than an M3. Anyway not that you guys needed convincing, but it cannot hurt having another opinion from someone who has actually driven the thing.

my biggest dissappointment with the 335d was actually the gas mileage. In my traffic conditions and driving style, I get 14mpg in the M, got 17.x in the 335i and under 19.x in the 335d. So basically just a 10% improvement over the 335i, wait, that's it after all the hoopla??

No thanks.
Well food for thought, diesel doesn't cost as much as premium gasoline, that gives another advantage to the 335d. It does run well on an economical note, but certainly can't cash a cheque for the ego of that one owner.