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Originally Posted by kpcoupe View Post
i think the a3 sedan concept is gorgeous, much better than the cla
Definitely entitled to your opinion but your comparing a concept to a production car, it's not really a good comparison. Is it? Production and Concept?

Wait until the production Audi A3 sedan is seen to decide which is better. I'm guessing we're talking about the exterior design.

The Audi A3 sedan concept and Mercedes Benz Concept style coupe are good looking concepts.

We know what the front of the production Audi A3 sedan might look like, we'll see how Audi differentiates the rest of the sedan body from the 3 door hatchback besides the obvious body style.

Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
It's like a baby CLS. I think it looks good!
Yes it does seems like from the b-pillars to the back that it's heavily influence by the CLS.

Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
That looks great; it's this one that has the problem.

Yes, I agree with you. The front of the new 1 series is horrendous and by saying that I'm probably offending a whole bunch of BMW 1 series owner. Sorry.

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