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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I did run a fully prepped track car doing time attacks in my younger days, so I am familiar with the benefits of a fully optimized suspension. As I stated, I do agree with the fact that a coil over suspension will take better advantage of an R-comp tire, or any other tire for that matter.

You stated that the stock suspension could not handle the NT01s and that the OP should "downgrade" his tires, this is the statement that I do not fully agree with.

I also understand that the primary reason of camber adjustment is to optimize the contact patch to optimize grip. However, with the (soft) stock suspension and grippy tires, the contact patch is not optimized when cornering resulting in un-even tire wear. I do not compete anymore, so I can live with the reduced grip, but I am not willing to live with the un-even wear. IMO, the camber plates are a reasonable compromize.

I guess it all depends what your ultimate objective is; running (and winning ) competitive events or simply enjoying lapping your DD on a track .
I think we have agreed on many things here. When I said the stock suspension isn't gonna handle the NT01's, I meant the response from the tires are not progress or linear like stock tires.

I think we are talking about same purpose of our cars. My girlfriend DD my M3 everyday (It's the only automatic we have in the family btw). She drives to school, supermarket, dog parks, etc. Then I use the car for track once in awhile over weekends. All I do is put the wing on and put track wheels/tires on then drive to the track and kick a$$. To sum it up, I use the M3 as DD and winning time attack at the same time.