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Originally Posted by carve View Post
I think it looks classy- very sleek and minimalist.

Why not wider?
1) Form factor. Convenient for women's tiny purses, slips into pockets easily, fits existing armbands and many other accessories
2) Efficient coding. Still 640 pixels wide, making it easily backwards-compatible with old apps with no programming challenges. The standardization is one of the things that makes Apple devices so efficient. I'm not sure what they're going to do to make future apps compatible with the short screen though.

Should the icons move around? Their big user interface change was optional voice control, which'll take a big step forward for iOS 6. This is a sensible direction for a touchscreen phone.
I've heard that the new apps on old iphones will be centered vertically. Not sure how that will work but i'm sure they thought of this issue and solved it.

I really like the standardization of the phone. Every time i upgrade i don't have to learn a whole new UI.

I'm willing to bet that their voice control is going to change the market in the same way their touch screen change everything. The upgrade will almost always seem understated until you use the device.
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