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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I will get it because I didn't get the 4s and stuck with my 4. This will be a bigger upgrade for me.
That's what i did, got in on the rotation for the model redesign rather than the mid model upgrade "s" versions. Every 2 years get an upgrade for next to nothing with the sale of a pristine 32g iPhone 4.

Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
I agree with you 100%.

As an engineering student, I can really sit back and enjoy all the intense engineering that goes into all phones(including iPhone).

People seem to be going "meh", but if you look at it from an engineering point of you, you can see how crazy they got things the way they were.

1) LTE. Yes, there are many phones that have LTE. It is not something new. However, everyone knows phones now with LTE have horrible battery life. My friend has a Razr Maxx, and he told me he has to charge it everyday. The fact that Apple got BETTER battery life(then 4S) while upgrading to LTE is a big improvement.

2) Size/Weight. Look at all the "other phones". They are all MUCH bigger then the iPhone. The fact that Apple got the iPhone 5 specs to match the GS3 and making it thinner by 18% and lighter by 20% of the 4S is VERY hard to engineer.

3) Look - Looks are subjective, but I am not a fan of the big android phones in terms of looks and style. The iPhone just looks SEXY. Most(but not all) are made out of plastic and too big IMO. Of course, this is subjective : )

Also, as you stated, its not about specs. It depends largely on the operating system. My friend has a google nexus that is overclocked(and he claims to be faster then my phone), yet when we did some test for fun, my iPhone 4 beat his. We both opened up web browser, and went to an image intensive website.

Why did I win? Who knows? He had a better processor. Maybe the safari app is better written and so works faster/better(aka more optimized). Maybe my wifi chip was better so I was getting a better wireless signal?

Also, people can't expect amazing new features to come out every single year. The original iPhone was amazing because it disrupted the cell phone market. It changed the way everything was done.

Its like cars. BMW sells a new generation of cars ~every 5 years. People can't expect an entirely new iPhone(or Android or Windows) device each and every year. Like cars, they get yearly bumps/new things, but the biggest, and most radical changes, are done in large gaps as the technology gets there.
I have apple hater friends that i've done this with and my iPhone 4 always seems to win out.

It's hard for people to appreciate the iOS6 right now too. When the 4 came out i didn't expect much of a difference with the functionality of the phone, but when i switched from a 3g to a 4, the speed increase was huge. Everything responded at least 2x faster if not more. So i'm not passing judgement until i get my hands on the device with iOS6. But i'm sure it won't disappoint.
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