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surprisingly to see that the Lines are not well received by the US customers when the initial idea was determined by US demands which BMW launched in the E46.

Its a totally different story in Europe where the 3er is still in demand with the best selling line being the sportline. Same goes for the F20.

In regards to Audi. BMW are in a product offensive and keeping very much to reality. Cars like the 1er 3dr , 3er Touring , 1er CST are very much in demand in Europe and witness the success of the B-Klasse mercedes and why Audi have moved forward on a MPV space vehicle for the A3. Next year alone there is the 4er and 2er , A new M3 and the next generation X5 and the BMW i3 which will become the most-have modern car when it hits the market. Next year also sees the next generation MINI which is absolute fantastic to drive and further proves the A1 is an Audi with little substance. And then we have the Rolls-Royce twins the Ghost Coupe and DropHead Coupe which will fill the void for a powerful V12 Coupe. And a very important look ahead to a new luxury BMW model which is important for the premium end of the market.

Audi are not BMW. no matter how they dress up the marketing , most of their product line-up offers any substance in driver communication.
No matter what Car and who? says an Audi S6 has come in last in comparisons in Europe because of its average ability.
They also said the X6 looks like an automotive duck-billed platypus, not bad for a successful concept that has not sent competitors to develop their own take but spawn a little brother, another car that is aimed at growth.
Step 1.