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Originally Posted by e93m3 View Post
so you can actually drive in heavy snow?
i don't want to sell my car, is the car going to be okay in that kind of temeperature? like cold as -50?..
I had 265/19 winter tires all around and the car drove better than my wife's mazda3 with winters.

If you are truly going to drive it every day, I'd invest in an oil pan heater and possibly a battery heating blanket (if it fits). Those who say -50C all the time are also full of shit. The absolute coldest it has been around my hood in the last few years has been -40 (and we were the 2nd coldest location in the world that night). Typical extreme low temperatures in Edmonton are -25 to -35 at night, and probably higher in Saskatoon. If you have an attached garage, you'll be fine. Cheap winter beater isn't a bad option though - you can probably pick one up for the price of a set of winter tires.