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Slow puncture?

Hi all,

The flat tyre indicator on my 2012 DCT Coupe indicated just over a week ago. I checked all tyres and all appeared fine, albeit slight deviances in pressure. I pumped them all to standard settings, reset the system and all was ok.
However, today the FTi alarm sounded again..
I found that my rear nearside was 5psi below normal so I guess I have a real slow puncture here?

A couple of other things I noticed during the process:

1. In vehicle settings, it displays a diagram of the car showing all 4 wheels coloured amber.. I'd have thought the system would be clever enough to indicated which tyre was calling a fault. Is this normal the owners have to check all pressures if not visually obvious? Seems like a half-help system.

2. I used the compressor but was unable to operate it via the 12V socket without the engine running. With the car in my garage I then had to open the door to vent the gas..I since read that there is a way to overcome this by pressing the start button twice (without foot on the brake so it doesn't actually start) so that may be the answer. Will look into this another time.