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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
Some purchasers of the BMW tire and wheel warranty report being told that they were covered for any set of wheels and tires on the car, IF they were BMW OEM models. So if you switched to stock 18's with, say, Michelin PSS, you're covered even though they aren't the wheels and tires you bought the car with.

Problem is, as I see it, there are no OEM snow tires. The "BMW Approved" snows that they sell through the dealer network as a winter package for an M3are Michelin Pilot Aspin P3s, which are not available in sizes that fit the OEM 18 or 19 inch wheels. You can get Pilot Aspin P2s for the OEM 18s. Maybe this would be close enough? Who knows.

The dealer winter package is part of another BMW winter wheel set that fits across E9X cars (not just M3s), given the size of the tires (can't recall) it's is not an ideal fitment to just buy the tires for the 219M.