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Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
Stock suspension isn't going to handle the NT01's. You might wanna either change out to better coilovers or downgrade the grip level of your tires to AD08 or below.

Brake pads are important too since the track has quite a bit of stop-and-go areas.

Lastly, if aero is an option, I would do that as well, but suspension/tires and brake pads are more critical.
Actually there is not that much stop and go on the ring. Unless I'm trying to go for a record time, there are only 3 sections that I use the brakes (and still ran under 9... with these slicks I can do the same around 830 at a laxed pace). Although I fully agree with you, brakes are VERY important. I was thinking of doing M5 brakes up front (when my current set comes due).

I did have someone mention to me that with the added grip the stock suspension won't be able to handle it... The guy was some sort of pro racer, and his m3 was track car. He also recommended adding oil catch cans.
Why can't the stock suspension handle the tires? Will it brake something due to high load?

Also, I think I got wrong size tires I have 245/40/18 and 275/35/18.... should I have gone 245/35/18 and 275/30/18? Rears seem ok, but it feels like the fronts are rolling a bit... and I'm over the triangle's.

Once again, this car is my daily driver, cruiser etc... I really want to keep the stock civility of the car, but also be a competitive driver on the track. As of now I have passed a few GT3RS's (not all though, there are still some that will kick my butt). If I can play in the same sand box as GT3RS and give them run for their money, i'll be satisfied. (if I can't have it, then at least I want to beat it).