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Originally Posted by img View Post
Not hard at all.

1. Show up at the gas station with an empty gas take. Fill up with 93 octane.
2. Show up at the dyno. Measure the pulley size. The ESS pulley size is very well known, but the AA pulley size isn't. I've got a friend in Cali who has an AA kit. We'll compare against his.
3. Dyno with boost gauge. Make all dyno files and results public.
4. Run against each other on the highway and make all the videos and results public.


Sorry did not mean to call you out or anything, just provided factual information in a factual thread. I thought I read on ******* they are from the dyno, so my mistake.


Sure, we can compare the guy's in Cali...or just compare the one's at the run. All you have to do is figure out the 4th one since that is the biggest issue. You and akash are how many hours apart? If it is 5-6hrs...come to Toronto and it would be fun to set it up here, I am pretty sure the guys who organized the air port strip runs can set up another one. I have someone willing to do this, out of fun nothing else who is DCT.


I am still waiting for the text on that E55 AMG.

As far as the strong points it goes into all areas, aesthetic design, how modular the kit is to the end user, power band and the effect on the reliability with the upgrade, use of vehicle, pricing, ease of installation (in which we have not done an ESS E90 M3 but other BMW FI installations with ESS..yet). What I personally feel? Well - the manufactures of both products have heard my thoughts on the pros and cons and that's that. What what these people want, the customers. You are right about some customer's not often caring or even knowing about the real technical details and what they do for you, the first 4 on that list are the priority it gets done, may not be on their mind - as for the rest especially board members who have access to information and how these systems work, gets us here.

For a vehicle driven mainly in the city and for those few times he wants to show off to his friends what's under the hood what do you think is best? Secondly, for those who want a track monster what do you think is best? Why?

As far as off the shelf comment goes, well...I have not found one customer or board member from either side that cannot bring up the fact that maybe it is a modified kit or some sort of speculation - by having a third party installer (I.E. Bimmersport Automotive ) install 2 kits on 2 E9X M3 one from ESS and one from AA off the shelf with documentation on the pulley sizes and blower unit types we can eliminate that.

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