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Originally Posted by xboxgod View Post
I have a 2011 335d M Sport. Not being a @$$ here, but BMW puts the ///M on the sill panels, steering wheel, and rubber foot rest thing. I put 3 M colored stripes on my left grill and left fender. Doesn't mean I think it added horsepower. I did get the JBD (tune). It is supposed to add 70-80rwhp. Does clue. Either way I still get 35+ mpg, which is why I bought the car. Their test car (and others on these forums) have put 308hp at the wheels. I've seen a dyno sheet on a 335d with an "Evolve" tune that put 327hp at the wheels. That's pretty good since the torque is around 500 ft lbs at that point. And they say the 265hp 335d is as fast as the 300hp 335i with 35 less hp. I say it would be pretty close to an M3 in a straight line.

Anyway, is it only ok for BMW to put ///M logos on it as long as they keep the ///M on the inside? I get that the guy was being a rude and snooty, but I seem to come across more M3 drivers that are like that than 335d drivers. I could have just as easily afforded to buy an M3 (As a matter of fact, I am thinking about getting one soon. That's why I'm in this forum right now). I could also have spent $35K on an '08 6 series and then told you that your M3 sucks because it's "just a 3 series". The way I see it is we all drive BMW's and we should all represent BMW. We shouldn't be fighting with each other. That guy was in the wrong.

PS - IMO, the M3 is the flagship 3 series. Period. That is deemed by BMW and no one else..
I have an E83 that BMW did the same thing to, and they put Ms on the wheels to boot. I wanted sport suspension and that was the only way to get it. But I'm sheepish about it and a little embarassed when I'm in a car park and an M3 or M5 driver pulls by.

BMWs are great cars, and I wish I had one of everything they make. It makes no sense to me why some people put their own M badges on them. But it REALLY makes no sense to me why somebody would do that, and then hate on an M3 driver.

I like Munich better. BMW drivers are numerous, and generally go 'round debadged.