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Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
Personally I think everyone is tired of hearing the stats and the numbers behind most of these kits.


My motto... run your car not your mouth.
Thats a cute graph you posted (manipulated and skewed nonetheless), I thought you were into the real world results instead of playing with dynographs and hearing about all the stats of the kits?

Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
Its not just mid range but almost a 70-80% torque and horsepower advantage thought the rpm range. Yes the vortech is more suited for extreme high horsepower applications I totally agree.
Now by actually running the cars (not playing with dynosheets), we get the real answer (and please dont bring that video in here comparing two different kits - I might as well race your stage 1 kit with my stage 2 car and use that as the basis for my argument that I have the better kit). If this was the case the AA cars would putting down the best numbers at the track. Your times are not good im comparison to other companies running street tires and pump gas [ESPECIALLY taking DA into consideration - for example, Drew trapped 3mph better in 2900DA worse than the AA car (-1600 vs +1300)] . ESS is outperforming you, VF is outperforming you, and Gintani is outperforming you. You cant make the arguement that slicks helping in achieving my time, for I was cutting worse 60fts than your best AA run. Also, racegas is not accounting for a 6mph trap speed disparity (we are not tuning for it, so there is maybe a 10-20hp gain at most). I am usually unbiased and objective but I dont see any validity behind your arguement whatsoever.

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