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Andrew@AA, I couldn't give the slightest fuck about midrange torque, on these cars I want the max hp to lay at the top of the RPM range where I do my racing. I dont race from 2krpm to redline, I'm ususally starting at 5k RPM and over and after every shift that leaves me, once again, above 5krpm - this area, as we all know, greatly favors the V3 blower than the HKS unit and which is why from my experience both at the track and on the street the highest level kits using V3 blowers will always outperform (both on the dyno and in real world conditions) cars using the small HKS dont have much of an arguement whatsoever (you have 1 video of an AA car custom tweaked beating an entry level ESS kit, while the V3 blower has record timeslips, dynos, and 60-130's), please enough with this shit.