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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
Motortrend measurements:

245/35ZR20 91Y; 295/30ZR20 101Y Pirelli P Zero

215/45R17 87W Michelin Primacy HP

It's VERY important to note that when comparing the roll angle of the 991 Carrera S to the roll angle of the Toyobaru, besides the importance of the very LOW-PROFILE 20-inch tires the Carrera S also comes standard-equipped with Porsche’s dynamic shocks, better known as Porsche Active Suspension Management and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC - limited to S models) which replaces, and I quote:

"the anti-roll bar’s links— they connect the bar to the suspension at the strut—with hydraulic actuators and allows the bar to go from noodle soft to I-beam rigid, depending on a number of parameters. The system is totally transparent and a Carrera S so equipped remains as close to parallel to the ground as the low-profile, 20-inch tires will allow it."

No wonder why the Porsche's roll angle is so low... clever electronic gadgetery. It's easy this way, albeit expensive.

In the Toyobaru, on the other hand, all the driving experience is entirely up to YOU and your skills... that's a whole world of difference! And, being so predictable in doing so it's really the Toyobaru's true magic... Once seated at the steering wheel I like to be in charge with the minimum electronic nannies as possible. That's the only true driving experience.

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