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Sorry for delay, forgot to check this. Just finished my 2nd month of leaning out. 2 more months to go. Again my goal is not to get huge but get lean and cut.

I am 5'9"
~155lbs weighed in the morning (up from 150ish)
i've upped my carbs (slow acting mostly) to 100-150 day depending on the workout day
200g protein from lean meats, shakes, etc
calories are now about 1300-1500 depending on workout day

higher carbs and calories on high weight training days, lower for cardio days
im doing less cardio now and more weight training
goal is to get to 165 lbs

currently got tennis elbow from pushing hard and recovering on the arms and working elsewhere, esp legs where I am very weak.

Edit: I've reached 225lbs on bench and can do 4-5 reps for 2 sets.

i know it's a longgggg process ie lifestyle change so in a year i hope to get to my goal!
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