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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Maybe if the GOP hadn't fillibustered a small business tax credit in June, there'd be a better jobs report.

More GOP Obstruction

Reading that whole article, it appears that it's not just Republicans who are sitting on their hands instead of moving the ball down the field:

"Republicans in the Senate did not necessarily object to the measure, but they protested Thursday after Democrats refused to allow votes on other amendments."

"Democrats on Capitol Hill are hesitant to quickly hold votes on Obama’s proposal – and in fact are still drafting it -- even though polls show Americans support asking wealthier households to pay more. They conducted their own filibuster of McConnell’s offer as Obama is on the road, making his case for tax changes at campaign stops in critical swing states."

Oh right, I forgot, when a Democrat gums up the works, that's not being intransigent, that's upholding his principles.