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Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutoWerke
While it does make sense its not 100% accurate. It would depend on many variables such as the type of supercharger used, pulley size ect. One supercharger can be more efficient then the other from 2000 to 7000 and still out perform the blower with the higher rpm efficiency. Maybe not on a dyno but in a real world situation where it matters.
ATCO is the real world where it matters. *Akash only hit 126 MPH in better DA than ERM hit 132 MPH.

60-130's are also real world where it matters. *Here's the roll car for non built motors: *6.16 (ESS), 6.56 (VF), 6.78 Mike Wads ESS, 6.80 Drew ESS. *I've never seen any AA results because nobody will post them (usually a sign). *Last night I hit five consecutive runs just at 7.0s in +500 DA and will post them later.