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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
Poor shah..... you will never find the one in North Jersey.
Nah I do rather well, i just don't date in the summers. It costs me $20 a jump for skydiving. And a good date is about $100 for dinner and drinks. Which let's face it is just chump change. But $100 is 5 skydives. And well in the summer i have a choice skydive or date. And i tend to choose skydiving.
It's just more relaxing fun and less stress.
But i do well, my GF for the summer and I broke up a few weeks back.
Really cute sexy girl, great body amazing in bed...but you know when a woman gets around the age of 27-30 they start going a little crazy and start thinking that they should have kids. And well I have a good paying job I have a nice condo and I'm actually a nice guy so she started talking about kids....and I don't want to have kids. And that's how that ended.
So yeah there are a few very nice late 20 something women out here in Dirty NJ but they are far and few. And this one last night was far from anything I would go out on a limb to be interested in.