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Another impressive result from the Toyobaru with upgraded wheels (17" Rays Volk Racing TE37SL ) and tires (Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 sized 245/40):

For the sake of comparison see the skidpad / slalom / 60-0 results, all tests done by Edmunds on their test track (same location and methodology):

1.04 g / 71.3 mph / 102 ft -- 911 Carrera S (Pirelli P Zero P-spec)
1.03 g / 71.6 mph / 109 ft -- Elise (Yokohama A048 LTS)
1.00 g / 70.3 mph / 107 ft -- FR-S (Yokohama AD08)
0.99 g / 72.3 mph / 102 ft -- Boxster Spyder (Bridgestone RE050A P-spec)
0.97 g / 71.3 mph / 105 ft -- Cayman R (Bridgestone RE050A P-Spec)
0.95 g / 73.3 mph / 100 ft -- E90 M3 Coupe (Michelin PS2)
0.91 g / ???? mph / 109 ft -- E46 M3 Coupe (Yoko AD07)
0.90 g / 69.7 mph / 108 ft -- 135i (Bridgestone RE050A)
0.89 g / 67.5 mph / 114 ft -- FR-S (Michelin Primacy HP)
0.86 g / 64.9 mph / 110 ft -- NC Miata (Bridgestone RE050A)

While it's true that the Yoko's AD08 are stickier than anything else except for the A048's on the Elise it's amazing how close the results are between the lighter Elise and the Toyobaru, with an even better braking result of the latter.

On the other hand, it's amazing how the Toyobaru comes out ahead of the Miata and loosing only in the braking result with the far less stickier OE Michelin's.
As a side note, I must add how good I think the Pirelli P Zero's are and how much they contribute to the 911's top result. Even when taking into account that the 991 Carrera S has a VERY low roll angle (only 0.4 deg vs Toyobaru's 2.3 deg, see Motortrend measurements below) I think the Pirelli tires play a VERY important role on the overall result. In fact, so much so that I have just replaced the OE PS2 for the P Zero's on my 1M and after the initial break-in period all I can say is they stick like hell!

Motortrend measurements:

245/35ZR20 91Y; 295/30ZR20 101Y Pirelli P Zero

215/45R17 87W Michelin Primacy HP

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