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Black guys and thick thighs! WTF!

Black guys and thick thighs! WTF!
So my friend set me up on a date, usually I don't date during skydiving season because I prefer to skydive 4 times in a day than spend an hour on a date. But a friend suggested and showed me her POF profile and I was like ok...sure why not...I like sushi and hey if nothing I'll meet someone new and if it doesn't work out I'll have a friend.
And so I went, I walk in and she was sitting down already...very smart girl...she was hiding! I had seen photos of her online and they were all from the belt up so I wasn't sure what her legs looked like or if she had legs...
Yeah ok her jaw was a bit square....her eyebrows were kind of thick but her hands were not at least she wasn't packing a dick...but you never know!
Then she stood up...sweet mother of ghetto booty! There is thunder thighs and well there is freaking hurricane thighs! MY GOD! Black guys from other states were awaked by the size of that gargantuan tank ass! And what is up with black guys and white chicks with ghetto botty! I mean I have a basic rule of thumb...if a womans ass is bigger than two handfuls....she better be packing some banging tits or be easy!
Add to it that she had a bit of a belly and well by the second time she excused herself to go to the bathroom I was answering a fake text message from my mother regarding a family issue and we had to cut the dinner short.
And no how no way was I going to let her kiss close this date..she kissed my cheek and we left it at that.

So politically incorrect question...why do black guys love ghetto booty?