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Originally Posted by shizzle View Post
Here is the updated attendance list. If you are on this list, you are confirmed for Calabogie. We've got a couple stragglers we're waiting but otherwise, we're good!

1. Shizzle - Sat, Advanced - 911 - Confirmed
2. Gearhead999s. - Sat-Sun, Advanced - M3 - Confirmed
3. Jaypod - Sat, Advanced - M3 - Confirmed
4. M.H. - Sat, Advanced - XJRS - Confirmed
5. Mike_M3 - Sat, Intermediate - M3 - Confirmed
6. Ahsanh - Sat-Sun, Intermediate - M3 - Confirmed
7. ALM3 - Sat, Advanced - M3 - Confirmed
8. G.G. - Sat-Sun, Intermediate - 911 - Confirmed
9. F.M. - Sat-Sun, Intermediate - Cayman - Confirmed

I will most likely run both days, but i'm debating hitting Mosport on the 24th. That 1:47 lap time is just way too high.

Oh, and i'm travelling all over the country this week so I will be hard to get a hold of by phone. Email will be the best way to get a hold of me this week.

Looking forward to it.

Dont get so hung up on the time. Once you get a little more seat time in the car you will be flying. If you saw the video I posted I am a little faster and I am not really pushing the car very hard and have a student in the car. I can easily take off a few seconds by breaking later and harder, not lifting so early and carrying more speed through the corners.

Besides, just have some fun. No prizes for lap times.