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Massdrop | [Group Buy] Bendpak HD-9 Four Point Car Lift

Group Buy is: ACTIVE

Hi there - we've gotten a lot of requests to run a group buy for the Bendpak HD-9 four post car lift. Usually these sell for $2900+, but we're running a group buy on these that can bring the price down so much we cant show it in this thread! PM us for the final price!

Product Description:

This is a group buy for the bendpak HD-9 car lift. The space-saving design of the 9,000-lb capacity HD-9 is ideal for vehicle storage in residential garages or commercial buildings. It also doubles as a great service lift for smaller shops who still want to do big business. No special foundation is required and the installation is a cinch.

Product url: Bendpak HD-9 - Massdrop

About Massdrop:

Massdrop is a service that helps forums run group buys. Group buys happen on forums all the time, but some of the time they can be messy, risky, and dragged out. What we do is make it easy for you guys to take advantage of your group buying power and save yourselves money. Just email us at letting us know what you want and we'll make it happen. We can also work with other vendors to help make your lives easier.


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