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**edit** I now see the bulb is the cornering bulb, which makes me think I need to attach the wires to my first option... maybe?!?!

alright this rookie is confused any help would be greatly appreciated.

am I supposed to use the clips to attach the brown and red wires to which of the following (see picture)?

1) The green arrow shown in the picture, or the yellow and brown wires coming from the back of the headlight assembly to the H8 bulb.

2) To the blue and orange arrows, or the brown wire coming from the H8 bulb, and the yellow wire coming from the back of the headlight assembly.

3) Something different?

What is that "other bulb's" purpose? I tried plugging the headlights in but I was unable to get the bulb to turn back on.

Also, can you tell me where in this picture the White wire is supposed to attach to?
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