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I started going to track with trackdaze. i loved the group. fun and most importantly i felt safe. I started as novice.

They have an event coming up in october 6/7 in summit point. i suggest starting with them. I think if you have a great first experience, you will fall in love with going to track. Trackdaze did that for me. if you just want to try how it feels, go for one day. See how you like it...

Mods: One thing is definitely necessary. Brake fluid change. It is a must. Get ATE blue or motul. I also advise you to not run with old engine oil. In my experience, engine ran at about 20F lower temperature with engine oil at 2k miles compared to engine oil at 10-11k miles.

Let me know if you plan to attend to summit point on Oct 6-7, i will probably be there in running on intermediate group.

Below is a link to the footage of my last VIR event. It should give you an idea on what to expect. (novice is slower pace and less passing)

Hope it helps

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