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Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
While it does make sense its not 100% accurate. It would depend on many variables such as the type of supercharger used, pulley size ect.

Check out this dyno thread to check your theory. You will notice the differences in cars with the same or more rated Hp.
The type of supercharger and pulley size are irrelevant. When a prospective client begins to look at SC kits they look at kits in "class" or kits with the same rating, IE someone doesn't call and ask to compare your HKS kit to a Rotrex based system. Instead they ask for your stage 2 or the competitors stage 2. At this point the prospective client does not really care about the type of blower, injector size, or kind of intercooler.... They like to compare apples to apples if that makes any sense to you..

Regarding the thread you pointed me to you need to remember just because company A calls their kit a 6xx kit it doesnt necessarily mean the kit makes the advertised #'s. Unfortunately for the enthusiasts and fortunately for some SC companies there is no governing board or body that says you are not allowed to refer to your kit as a 6xx because it does not make the claimed power....

Andrew it's not really a theory, bring up any two systems on the market and we can both break them down.