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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Let me get this straight: You see where the Boss is quicker on five tracks, and claim it's meaningless. You don't even think there's a hint of a shadow of a clue there that the Boss might be the quicker car?

The Car & Driver times are also meaningless?

How about Motor Trend?

For whatever reason (I assume traction loss from a bumpy venue), the Boss 302 got its ass solidly kicked by the three German cars in that EVO test, but if you think the other seven times are without meaning, then we're simply done here.

I listed the times on the same tracks in my links... 2007 M3, M3 comp, 2011 Boss, and LS Boss. Same tracks.

Also my points are going over your head but im not shocked. We were done the moment you said you said you know nothing about racing. If the Boss was a better car it wouldn't be getting it's butt kicked in GS as those cars use the same equipment. The solid rear axle limits the capabilities of the car. Yes the M3 chassis is better for racing. End of story.

Non back to back lap times are pretty pointless but I can tell the only racing you do is magazine times. Different days, different drivers and different track conditions are going to yield different results.

Bedford Autodrome West Circuit (post 06/2008) M3 Base 1:26.20 Boss 1:29.00 Those times mean nothing but I can too play your stupid game. After looking at Bedford I'm not shocked the Boss had a hard time for reasons I doubt you'll understand but I'm sure your racing google skills will figure it out.
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