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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
Agree something is not right. I don't want to blame the driver, maybe you have a stuck caliper or something but you should have noticed a decline in brake function. What did the driver's side look like? Keep in mind that endurance racers are going 24 hours on one or sometimes two sets of pads (the Pagid is a well known endurance racing pad), so to wear a front set out in just a few sessions is highly unusual.

I'm just back from Road Atlanta and I got repeated brake fade for the very first time (I have RS-19s, ducted/vented brakes on stock rotors and calipers) and yet, the pad wear on my fronts I'd say is 20% or so (but I only did one day's worth of driving due to a flat and a DE schedule adjusted for club racing).
Just posted in another thread but was at Road Atl this past weekend as well (the Alpine E92 with Orange mirrors in C group).. Ate away my stock front pads and was using MDM... Sounds like MDM may be the problem. I noticed it coming on from time to time and could feel the fade in 10A pretty bad.

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