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ESS VT1: Pics of install/review

Kit came after about 4 weeks of ordering from ESS. Customer service was very good.

Did it in a weekend. Took about 12 hours, which includes getting the body work back inline perfectly, and maybe a few beers...

Car is an '08 E92 6MT. Power delivery is great. Car pulls hard when asked, but is also very very streetable. This is the right kit for those who want daily drivability mixed with the occasional trackday autocross event. The great thing is that ESS allows you the option to keep adding more power with the same basic hardware.

Only other mod right now is Remus SST exhaust and Nitto NT05 tires. I'm going to pull the alignment pins and get as much negative camber as I can in the front for the last autocross of the season.

ONLY COMPLAINTS about the install:
Bolts supplied to mount the blower to the bracket were metric thread. Vortech blower is tapped with standard thread...
Yes it could have been a nightmare if I would have torque'd down on those. Ended up finding the right bolts at a local hardware store for about $30.
Diagram/Schematic on step 96 to re install stock AC belt was incorrect. After some time researching online, it appears that diagram is only for cars that were produced in the first month or so of E9X M3 production. It is obvious that is not the correct way the belt goes on because there is no tension when attempted.
Here is the pic supplied:

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my decision