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Velos Designwerks | ESSVT625 Supercharger System Dyno Results w/ Conditions

Fellow Enthusiasts,

A few months back we installed two ESS VT625 Supercharger Systems on two 2011 E92 M3's with DCT transmission... Typical Miami weather as it was 90+ degrees and extremely humid. With that said we have been getting a good amount of inquiries and questioins regarding how these cars will perform in hotter climates, whether meth is required, air to air vs air to water, etc..

There are a few choices out there for SC systems, we welcome all questions or concerns. A lot of information on the forum and unfortunately there is too much "bandwagoning" or "sales talk" and not enough facts.

Car #1 & 2 - ESS VT625 Supercharger Systems. NO meth. Akra full exhaust.

For those of you wondering, adding meth to any of these cars should add another 30-40 rwhp easily.

p.s. this is more of an education thread that anything so all FI companies can feel free to chime in.... it's actually welcome.

Dyno Chart & Conditions -

One with an educated guess would assume meth would add another 30-40 rwhp. Meth works, no secret to it. Is it a good option for daily driving, in my opinion only if the system is not dependent on it.. What happens when it runs out? What happens if the system fails? Doesn't happen often but something to think about. On these two particular cars we suggested to stay away from the meth option for the initial installed and both clients were impressed with the numbers on the dyno and even more with the real world driving experience.

Myth.... power under the curve is great but a little research will show you that most kits on the market will make similar torque because of the behavior of the motor. The biggest difference will be the peak horsepower... if the blower on the car is out of air you can either lower the redline so the drop off in power isn't as big or it will just fall of.. When the blower is done you can ask for all the boost in the world but if the blower isnt capable of it then it simply will not make the power... Others ways to make up for an inadequate blower is via ignition timing which is obviously not recommended and can lead to engine failures....

Car # 1

Car # 2

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