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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
To be honest I think that most of this is hype. To update from 220E to 231E is really not worth it. To update from a very old software to 220E or higher is probably worth it.

I have started to poke around a bit on the US Spec version of 240E. The hex code in the file clearly identifies it as such. I have a ton of work to do so I will take a hard look at it next week - identify differences between 231E and 240E, and look at the differences between the different 231E and 240E spec files. For now I'll leave you with a teaser pic which shows the UIF field in the factory file. This file was the same file the factory programming system programmed to my car yesterday. Instead of looking at the one that I read out from my car after the program, I imported the factory data file straight in to take a look. You can see 240E identified in the red box:
Interesting stuff here Mike! Can you clarify this bolded statement a bit? What I think you mean is that going from 220E to 231E is probably not worth it. But going from 100E (for example) to 231E is definitely worth it? I just don't want people to think that NONE of these updates are worth it.

PM headed your way (not urgent).

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