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Something I just noticed about my headlights

I recently noticed something about my headlight's behaviour that I can't explain. I have a 2011 E92 6MT and the only mod is the Lux V3 lights (5000k).

I was starting my car the other day at a strip mall and got a good view of my headlights in the store window. I noticed that the inner headlight came on with a strong yellowish tint (see first pic). I thought that was odd as I hadn't noticed yellow lights before when I installed the Lux bulbs.

Then when I shifted out of reverse and into 1st the yellow lights went out (see second pic). They did not come back on when I shifted back to reverse.

I read about the lights in the owners manual and couldn't find anything about the inner lights. The high beams are in the outer ones and the beam shape changes when some sort of shutter is raised.

Anyone know what these inner lights are for? Why are they yellow and why do they go out when I shift out of reverse? We have mandatory DRLs here in Canada but they are the corona rings.
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