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Calgary Detail?

Hi folks,

So I'm always looking at the detailing section of the forum and it seems there are many talented companies and individuals spanning all across the states. I know the first reply I'm going to get in here is Mobile Reflections and Jed but to be frank I employed them last time and even after waiting an excess amount of time Jed wasn't available for the TWO visits they had to make (second one was because I had just got my hood installed and rear bumper repainted). It was also weird to see how they conduct their methods, I mean I'd expect a full wash before and after, paint correction was needed and I could still see scratches that I know can be removed right after it was done. They also never cleaned the rims, polished out the infamous door handle scratches, he said there was no way of cleaning tail pipes and I don't know about you guys but after spending north of $400 I'd expect an excellent job but it wasn't there for me. After looking on their website it seems they skipped a few steps on me and sorry to say but if you don't treat all your customers the same then one will find out and will say nothing but the truth on the matter.

Anyways, now my car is in need if major TLC and that can blamed on BMW Service for washing it twice when I clearly told them not to.

Does anyone have a personal friend or recommend a great shop that would be able to take this project? I know winter is coming up but I fear if I don't get it done this year then by the time winter is gone the cars paint will be so far gone I'll need a paint job or something. After closer inspection I'd say the job will take 2-3 days, from getting the wheel wells to the mashed up trunk looking crystal clear.

I'm willing to travel to Edmonton/Red Deer/Medicine Hat/Lethbridge. Nowhere outside of Alberta though.

Let me know folks! Thank you.