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IND/FeDex Trouble what would you do?

First off let me start off by saying from past business dealings with IND that they have provided amazing service beyond anything Iíve experienced.!

Now comes my current issue... I contacted Andrew from IND about 2 months ago about a eisenmann race exhaust for my e92 m3. He advised me that they were out of stock and that due to m5 exhaust production that it might be a week or two for it to arrive. Having already bought an OEM euro bumper from INd in June I have no problem leaving a 50% deposit on the exhaust.

About a month later it was finally back in stock I was advised that it would be shipped out. I ask that it be shipped by FEDEX as UpS is horrendous when it comes to duties and the fed ex depot was close to my work.

Long story short I realize after tracking the shipment that it was sent to my home and not the specified address (my work). Wtv after wait for so long I figure whatís a few kms to pick it up at the FedEx office. I call FedEx to hold the item for pick up as I didnít want to risk it being damaged in transport and knowing no one would be home to sign for it they might as well hold it for me.

To my surprise I receive an email confirmation from FedEx as item delivered wait no one was home as I was at work so how could this be?? I immediately call FedEx and ask about this, they advise me that the message I left to hold for pick up never made it to the local office and that it went out for delivery. They claim that no signature was required and that there was no value on the item so they left it at my front door???

So now 2 months in and still no exhaust the season is winding down and Iím a few weeks away from storing the m3 for winter. I asked for an update from IND and I was told the trace was closed and they filled a claim with FedEx? I'm confused as if the package has not declared value how can they claim it? Either way I asked for a refund and was told the owners would have to decide on what to do.......

I'm not trying to call IND out in anyway and it sucks this happened as I had a lot more I wanted to change on my car and was happy to find a reliable company but I feel in the dark..

Can anyone provide some advice?

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