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Guys, I have an update but need your honest advice...

She texted me the same day around 9pm: "heard your voicemail just now, sryy! is it too late to go to the movie now? wt shall we do? "

Shortly after I picked her up, we went to watch a movie at the theater. After we finished, she agreed to watch another movie at my place. We finished the movie around 3am and started making out since we were cuddling the whole movie, but as I moved down on her, she said no..and it was too quick. I'm a little bit confused - she is showing signs of interest and even stayed the night although we didn't do anything, but maybe I am the one rushing things too quickly..

This morning, she woke up and was about to walk back home while I was still sleeping, but I dropped her off instead because I didn't want her to walk 1.5 miles. At her door, I just told her..hey i hope last night was okay and i didnt mean to give you the wrong impression from last night. ill talk to you again soon. she agreed.

What should I do now? Is she losing interest? When's the next best time to talk to her and what is my next best action?