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Anyway to bypass EDC? Shut it off?

Anyway to shut off/bypass the EDC function? I mean, not just turn to comfort mode but totally disconnected?

Recently, i had my mechanic (works for bmw) diagnose my car because something keep "waking" up the car and discharging the battery. He is still not quite sure what the exact problem was that caused that but he said one of my rear edc shock is not being pickup by the sensor. He's thinking that could be the problem. He's gonna check further for me as he has ever encounter this particular problem. But in the meantime, if that was the problem can i totally bypass the edc unit? I hate to have to replace a full shock just for this as my current shock only has about 24k miles on it. Plus, I dont really used it, anyway. Or does replacing it with an aftermarket unit such as the kw w/edc solve the problem?

Has anyone encounter this problem that could shed some insight would greatly be appreciated. My warrant has just expired Im currently installed with RD springs.
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