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Originally Posted by py0413 View Post
I am not quite sure where such info can be verify but back in 2008, when I still worked for dealership, we were not allowed to sell anything over the MSRP. however, there is a trick as we could buy back customers' cars (high demand ones of course) and sell them for more than MSRP. that's what I have seen with the 1M's situation. Could the policy be different in each province? Maybe but I don't know for sure.
It could be the dealership's policy or even the car manufacturer prohibiting its dealers from selling above MSRP. But as far as it being illegal, this claim keeps popping up on car forums everywhere. Yet no one has ever quoted the exact law that supposedly makes this illegal. No one has shown any instance of a dealer being prosecuted for selling above MSRP. And no legal expert has ever verified the existence of such law. There are laws for consumer protection and laws that prohibit price gouging and unfair trade practices. But none of these laws necessarily ban selling above MSRP.